Basement Clearance

Basement Clearance

Basement Clearance, London

Your basement can frequently transform into a sizable storage area where you accumulate various items. Yet, there comes a point when you aim to reclaim this space. This is when you should reach out to one of London’s premier basement clearance companies – PT Rubbish Removals. We are the local specialists who can assist you in decluttering your home of all the accumulated waste from you or your family over the years.

Why you should clear out your basement

Over time, the accumulation of clutter only grows larger. In such cases, it is vital to make decisive choices and cease hoarding unnecessary items on your property. Below, you can discover why clearing out your basement is a beneficial decision:

Enhancing your home’s value: Clearing out your basement creates numerous opportunities. Not only does it boost your property’s value, but it also frees up space for a family area or even a personal retreat.

Promoting a safer home environment: Storing items in the basement over an extended period can pose safety risks, especially if multiple individuals contribute to the clutter. Such conditions could endanger your family and yourself.

Expertise and outstanding outcomes: With years of experience in the basement clearance industry, we have handled countless bikes, computers, and everything in between. Each year, we come across thousands of items, all of which undergo meticulous sorting and recycling processes.

How it works

Booking a basement clearance service with us is quick and easy. Simply follow these three steps:

  1. Get an estimate: Contact us for a free price estimate or check out our prices. We maintain transparency and fairness by charging based on the volume of waste we handle.
  2. Rubbish collection: We collect and load all the waste you wish to dispose of onto our vehicle. Before leaving, we ensure to sweep the area clean. Our pricing includes lifting, loading, and is determined by the volume of items.
  3. Responsible disposal: We transport your junk to a fully licensed facility, donate usable items, or recycle them whenever possible. We are proud to say that up to 80% of the waste we handle is diverted from landfills.